Radically personalize your Watch face (free for a limited time)

26 March 2016, 04:01

Apple provides only limited personalization options for Watch faces but Monogram Plus – currently free of charge (was $0.99) – lets you add your own range of text, Emoji and/or photos. You can use the app to simply make personal a Watch face or to turn the Watch face into a kind of notepad to show useful information, such as a phone number you need to frequently tell people, or a door code that’s changed frequently.

Using the app can be a little confusing at first but if you remember these points then it becomes much easier:

  • Type within the various text boxes within the Monogram Plus app on your iPhone to add your own text, or Emoji (just switch to the Emoji keyboard). The fields are labelled a little confusingly but apply to the following Watch faces:
    • Modular = Applies only to the Modular Watch face
    • Circular = Applies only to the Color Watch face
    • Utilitarian = Applies to the Utility, Simple, Chronograph, and Mickey Mouse Watch faces
    You can also tap the Change Image button alongside the fields to add an image, although this will only appear in black and white, and will be pretty small too.
  • Once you’ve personalized using the Monogram Plus app on your iPhone, switch to your Watch and choose to customize the face, selecting any of the faces discussed above. Choose the Monogram option for each customization option. An “MG” icon might appear in its place, but don’t worry.
  • Once you’ve selected your options on the iPhone, and selected the Monogram customizations on the Watch (and set it as your current Watch face) tap one of the Monogram customizations while viewing the Watch face and force press Refresh Complications. Then press the similar button that appears.

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