Hardwood Ottm Watch straps now available with astonishing early bird deals

31 March 2016, 12:30

Remember those beautiful hardwood Apple Watch straps we mentioned a few days ago? They’re now on sale via an IndieGoGo campaign, and prices range from just $25 for the Maple variety if you buy now and take advantage of the early bird offers.

This really is incredible considering each Ottm band is made from a different hardwood – Zebrawood, Maple or Sandalwood – and is hand-finished before being treated with tung oil. Each pledge will also plant a tree in the forests of British Columbia. Due to the organic nature of wood, no two bands’ grain is the same. Ottm is available in 38 and 42mm for both sizes of Apple Watch.

“The feel of each band is incredible,” says Mark Adams, founder of Ottm. “When wood is sanded down, it carries a remarkable smooth quality in it. Unlike Apple, whose Stainless Steel link band is the same price as another Apple Watch ($449), Ottm is priced affordably.”

Ottm uses a classic link bracelet design inspired by Swiss watches and each choice of wood reflects a different sentiment. Maple connotes a more subdued style with it’s straight grain and light cream color. Zebrawood hails from Western Africa with a striking grain that is both beautiful and hard to miss. Sandalwood, prized in Asia for its fragrant oils calls attention with deep, earthy hues.

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