Non-obvious things synced by iCloud

20 March 2016, 03:00

David Chartier over at Finer Things in Tech has compiled a handy list of the little things that iCloud syncs, alongside the obvious stuff like Notes and Reminders.

➤ Text shortcuts in Settings > General > Keyboard > Text Replacement

➤ Signatures in Preview for Mac, under Tools > Signatures (iOS doesn’t have Preview yet, but they appear in Mail if you tap a PDF, then the toolbox at the top. A reply is created and PDF tools appear. Check the bar at the bottom for your signatures)

➤ Stocks

➤ Weather

➤ Wifi connections / Settings, if iCloud Keychain is enabled

➤ Favorites you mark in Maps with the share sheet (a great way to keep track of businesses, the day’s errands, or vacation spots without junking up Contacts)

➤ Searches in Maps

➤ Learned Dictionary words. I think

➤ Playback positions in Apple’s Podcasts app

➤ Blocked numbers between Messages on all devices and

➤ Call history between iPhones, or on iPad and Mac in FaceTime > Audio

➤ Safari tabs

➤ Safari history

➤ Safari’s RSS subscriptions in the Shared Links section (a great, underused feature)

➤ Reading position in iBooks

VIP lists in Mail (used for priority notifications from threads and people who you just can’t miss)

➤ Signatures in Mail

➤ Smart Folders in Mail between Macs

➤ Favorites in Apple’s Trailers app (honorable mention, since it’s Apple but not installed by default)

➤ HomeKit settings and devices

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