Mac Kung Fu now features in-app purchases

1 April 2016, 07:08

We’re pleased to announce that as of today Mac Kung Fu features in-app purchases. The first 30 seconds of accessing Mac Kung Fu is entirely free of charge, and you can read as much as you want in that time, but after that you’ll need to pay $0.99 to keep reading — plus a further $0.99 every five minutes.

Please note that this began to apply when you opened this page. Because 30 seconds has just passed, a fee of $0.99 has automatically been deducted from your iTunes account.

Additionally, the following IAP are now available:

  • 20% more vowels in articles: $0.99
  • 20% fewer errors in articles: $99.99
  • Android compatibility mode: $1.99
    (or just pirate from a site in China)
  • Free Apple Watch Edition with each article: $15,005 (per article)
  • Automatic redirection to one of our competitors when they steal our story: $0.99
  • Automatic redirection to Mac Kung Fu when we steal one of theirs: $0.99

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Very funny, indeed!

— LoyalFollower · Apr 1, 11:10 PM · #

Good luck with this new feature. Hopefully some ads will ow go away. This site is too focus on ads making it look bad on mobile devices.

Stalyn · Apr 2, 12:00 PM · #

Looks great on my mobile devices!

Ads are necessary if I’m to earn a living, Stalyn!

Keir · Apr 3, 06:01 AM · #