How do I turn off Low Power Mode on the iPhone?

10 October 2015, 05:00

If your iPhone’s battery gets to 20%, and your device is running iOS9 or later, you’ll be offered the option of turning on the all-new Low Power Mode. The trouble is, it seems a little sticky. What if you want to return to normal operation? If you plug in the power then it’ll still stick around — even after you’ve charged way beyond 20%! So how do you turn off Low Power Mode?

The following tricks work at any time, regardless of whether the power’s attached:

  • Open Siri (press and hold the home button) and say, “Turn off low power mode.”
  • Open the Settings app, and tap Battery, and then the Low Power Mode switch.
  • Charge your device until it reaches 80% (yes, 80 frickin’ percent!), at which point Low Power Mode will automatically switch off.

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