Hey Chloë – you can find that iPhone even more quickly with this trick

12 April 2016, 04:18

Hey Chloë, I really dig the new advert where you find your iPhone in a pile of clothes using your Apple Watch. But did you know that you can make your iPhone flash at the same time, to make it even easier to find?

As you demonstrate, the Apple Watch includes a useful “ping” tool that you can use to track down a temporarily misplaced iPhone. This will make the iPhone emit a loud submarine-radar-like ping noise.

If any of your fans want to repeat this, they need to swipe up from their Watch face to the Glances, then swipe right so they can see the Airplane/Do Not Disturb/Alarm icons. Then they should tap the iPhone icon at the bottom left.

What’s not obvious, Chloë, is that if you TAP AND HOLD this icon, rather than just tap, not only will you hear the ping but the iPhone’s camera flash will also illuminate a few times!

Obviously this is most useful if the iPhone has been placed face down (not a bad habit to get into) but in a dark room you should also see the light even if the iPhone is face-up.

Nice, eh? Apple really does go the extra mile.

(For those who are wondering what the hell I’m talking about, here’s the new Apple Watch ad staring the wonderful Chloë Sevigny:)

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I just discovered this a while ago as well. Nice, except that I’d like an either/or option. Sometimes I’d like it to just flash (like in a dark room and not wanting to wake the other person up with a loud ping.)

— Jerry · Apr 12, 10:57 AM · #

Sonar. Submarine-sonar-like ping noise.

AJ · Apr 12, 03:33 PM · #