Free top-rated PDF annotation tool for iPad/iPhone

13 November 2015, 01:00

Marking up and annotating PDFs is a fact of life for many people and Readdle’s PDF Expert 5 is one of the best tools for the job on iOS.

The great news is that it’s currently Apple’s completely free app of the week. You’ll be saving $9.99 AND the app’s just been updated to support the all-new iPad Pro. Even if you don’t intend to use it right now, clicking to grab the download will keep it in reserve until you need it. What are you waiting for?

With PDF Expert 5 you can:

- Highlight Text –
Mark important things in books, journals or documents you want to review.

- Fill Forms –
Work with static PDF forms created in Adobe Acrobat.

- Create Notes –
Add comments to the texts you read.

- Draw with your finger-
Use it to make handwritten notes or highlight text in scanned books.

- Make Bookmarks –
Create table of contents for your document right on iPad and iPhone.

- Review Documents –
Mark up errors and place special emphasis on important sentences.

-Sign Documents
Use digital signatures to sign contracts and agreements on the go.

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