Day One 2 for iOS: Free from Apple for a limited time

24 March 2016, 11:27

Day One was a superb diary/journal app and Day One 2 builds on it to become something spectacular. Coming soon is the most-requested user feature: encryption. This will make for perfect security so you can truly share your thoughts with the app.

And now the app is free, courtesy of Apple. Usually it costs $4.99. To get it, just open the Apple Store app (NOT the App Store!), then select the Featured icon, and scroll down until you find it under the heading Keep a Beautiful Journal. Be careful, though, because you might scroll past it!

Tapping the link will take you to a terms and conditions screen, and subsequently tapping to buy the app will switch you to the App Store with a code already filled in. Just tap the Redeem link at the top right (if using an iPhone) to continue.

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Did you want to provide a link?

— John · Mar 24, 09:27 PM · #

@John, I can’t provide a link I’m afraid. You need to follow the steps to get to the app offer.

Keir · Mar 25, 09:57 AM · #