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This blog is by researched, written and edited by Keir Thomas, an award-winning Macworld author who has, over a 20 year career:

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Because lots of people keep contacting me about content partnerships and other such nonense, I've had to delete my contact details. For the sake of all humanity I feel this needs explaining. Blogs do not need other people to provide "free" content that just happens to link back to your site, or mentions your product. Do not pester blog owners with "offers" like this. It's just not how it works. It hasn't been for around 20 years. It's also astonishingly lazy marketing if all you're doing is googling/checking backlinks, finding a site that looks like it could host content amenable to your goal, and spamming the owner to see if by some miracle they're braindead enough to risk their SEO and domain authority to give you what you want for free. It. Does. Not. Work. Like. That.
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