Four tricks for Siri on the Mac

20 September 2016, 12:27

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With the macOS Sierra update Siri finally makes it onto the Mac.

However, did you know about the following Mac-specific tricks?

  1. Drag and drop a grab: If you click the top grey bar of the Siri result after asking a question, hold for around three seconds, and then drag, it turns into a screen grab that you can drag to the desktop or a Finder window to perhaps post online, or share with somebody via Messages. The file type is PNG, however, which can be large – you might want to convert it to JPEG using the Preview app.
  2. Pinning results: By clicking the plus icon at the top right of the result that Siri gives you, you’ll add it to the Notification Center, where it will update with any new information. For example, ask for your team’s latest score, and the pinned Siri result will update with each game/match. Note that not all query results can be pinned in this way.
  3. Typing Siri queries: Once Siri is open, you can overtype the question using the keyboard, removing the need to keep speaking your Siri queries.
  4. Siri keyboard shortcuts: Holding down Cmd+Space for around two seconds will open Siri, while hitting the Esc key will cancel it, and hitting Esc again will close it.

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