Where's Waldo? I mean, where's Tim Cook? (Lots of fun)

15 April 2016, 10:01

British Apple magazine MacFormat has marked the 40th anniversary of the creation of Apple with a very, very cool “Where’s Waldo?” drawing, set in the new Spaceship campus. (That’s “Where’s Wally?” for non-US or Canada users – yes, the stripy dude went by different names overseas.)

It’s here. Click to make bigger to really play along at home. (Here’s a link in case it gets taken down, or gets choked.)

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It was very easy to find him!

— LoyalFollower · Apr 16, 12:01 AM · #

He’s not the one you’re referring to in the close-up screenshot on this page I can tell you that. Hint: he’s looking straight into the camera.

— Nope · Apr 17, 12:58 AM · #