Where's cheapest in the world for Apple stuff? A new website tells you

24 March 2016, 13:31

Prices for Apple products vary massively around the world, depending largely on local country taxes and the US dollar exchange rate. AppleCompass.com tells you where in the world the Apple product you specify is cheapest.

OK, so perhaps there isn’t much you can do with the info you discover unless (a) you know somebody who lives there and who’s prepared to smuggle the item to you somehow or (b) you fancy going on holiday there.

Don’t laugh at that last suggestion. In places that are incredibly expensive for Apple products, it can be cheaper to book a plane ticket, and an overnight stay, and buy the Apple product.

Take a look at AppleCompass.com and file it away for future reference. Although the US is generally the cheapest, prices can vary even from state to state!

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