What's on Tim Cook's desk?

18 March 2016, 06:00

The recent Time magazine interview with Tim Cook provides an opportunity for the obsessive Apple fan analyst to observe what’s on his desktop – his real-life desktop, that is, not the one on his Mac. Thanks to this high-res version of an image from the feature we can discern the following:

Mac stuff

  • iMac (looks like 21.5 rather than 27in)

  • Magic Keyboard

  • Magic Trackpad 2 (we can see the rear to discern the distinctive wedge shape)

iPad stuff

  • iPad Pro

  • Smart Keyboard


  • Apple Watch charging cable

  • Two non-power cables leading under the desk from the iMac rear, one of which is probably Ethernet, and another which I’m guessing leads to backup disks

Other items include lots of paperwork, a business card holder (does he really ever say “Hi, I’m Tim Cook – here’s my card!”), and a book that looks a lot like a notebook.

It has to be a stage-managed image – this is Apple, after all – and notably missing amongst items on the desk are any photos of Cook’s family or SO. In fact, there appear to be no personal items at all. Cook is known as a notoriously private individual.

Is the hand on the chin a nod to the famous Steve Jobs photos?

All in all it’s a very tidy desk setup for a man who runs one of the world’s largest companies. Compare and contrast to this image of Steve Jobs’ home office, also snapped by Life magazine.

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