What people hate most about Apple stuff

27 October 2015, 14:12

Apple might be in sterling financial health but over on Reddit there’s a discussion about what, if Apple fans are brutally honest, they dislike most about Apple products and services. Thanks to Reddit’s voting system we can see what the majority really cares about.

TL;DR…? Here’s the top 5 in order of most votes, with some of the most interesting or pertinent comments beneath:

1. iCloud
— “Doesn’t sync properly across devices and times out when you try to delete large numbers of files. It hasn’t ever really worked, not even iDisk worked.”
— “ All of the largest tech companies have the crappiest cloud drives. [Microsoft] OneDrive is similarly crappy.”
— “It’s just weird.”
— “No Apple online storage system has ever been reliable but you pay premium prices for it anyway.”
— “I had to disable photos in iCloud because it’s basically unusable.”
— “One thing I wish I could do is make my own cloud with an AirPort Extreme or a Mac mini. That way I get all the be benefits of having my data in the “cloud” and the comfort of knowing it’s still in my control.”
— “I’m so strapped for data (5GB month) that local storage is a must. We shouldn’t have to pay a monthly toll to have a usable experience. I would like a way to keep all my devices in sync without actually storing anything in the cloud.”

2. Apple Music and iTunes
— “Right now managing the music on my iPhone is a total mess. Apple Music and iTunes are both nightmares and they work horribly together.”
— “Photo management and music management is so f***ing horrible. “
— “In the last 2 years, iTunes and the iOS Music app have both received big UI and functionality changes, with very little focus on usability and consistency. They’re big steps backwards from where they used to be.”
— “I just want the sorting options on the Mac, to be available on iPhone. That’s it.”
— “iTunes – Such amazingly unintuitive software that f***s things up more often than it helps”
— “Recent iterations of iTunes. All their makeovers have actually made it much worse than the original iTunes 1.0, to the point where it now corrupts the music directory on my iPhone when attempting to copy new music over on a fairly frequent basis.”
— “iTunes and music in general has entropied straight to black-hole levels.”

3. On-screen volume adjustment overlay
— “Feel like this got markedly worse in iOS 7 and onward though. Like it used to fade away faster and now it just lingers there “
— “It used to at least be transparent, now it’s a giant blob of frosted glass.”
— “Seriously why is it like that? I hate watching a video and wanting to turn up [the volume] but not wanting to miss something and pausing it just so I can turn up [the volume].”

4. Graphics power (lack of)
— “It’s sad that a 15” pro notebook comes with integrated graphics.”
— “I know so many 3D professionals who have switched from Mac to Windows workstation”
— “If they weren’t so f***ing pre occupied with thinness maybe we could have a competent GPU.”
— “As a video editor, this is why I built a hackintosh.”

5. Mac Mini
— “The CPUs are still only 4th Generation Haswell chips, far behind the MacBook Pro and the Air, and only come in up to dual core configurations. “
— “ The design, although functional and not unattractive, has been the same for a long time. “
— “You can build a PC the size of a shoebox with a Titan X and 5960X (albeit for thousands more). The Mac Mini is nowhere near the ultimate in minimal computing.”
— “The Mac Mini has the potential to be great, but at the moment its shoddiness feels like it merely exists to make the iMac look like a better deal. “
— “It was still shifty to remove hard drive swapping and ram too from the computer [i.e. removing upgrade options]. They didn’t even make it smaller. Hell they didn’t even make it smaller when they took out the super drive which was huge. “

And here are some other miscellaneous comments that received high votes:

— “Spotlight is still less reliable than the HFS index it replaced. Frequently will fail to report results from entire folders until you navigate into them and then suddenly, the results for that folder appear too. “
— “If you’re going to need to turn the mac pro into an octopus of peripherals attached via thunderbolt, what was the point of giving it such a small form factor to begin with?”
— “Abandoning Aperture.”
— “You can’t friggin’ play GIFS in the photos app on the iPhone. GIFS. From like before the year 2000.”
— “3rd party keyboards in iOS. If you’re going to half-ass why even bother implementing it? I was so happy to finally have swiftkey again but it’s so poorly implemented I’m back to using the iOS keyboard now.”
— “AirDrop rarely works and AirPlay had gotten really shoddy.”
— “Non-upgradable RAM and HDs.”
— “iPhone 16 Gb entry level model “
— “Apple Maps. It sounds great if you live in a country Apple cares about, but it sucks anywhere else.”

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