Vaporcade Jupiter - the world's first hybrid cellphone and e-cigarette

6 November 2015, 04:33

Vaping, as it’s known where I live (UK), is fantastically popular. In other countries these are known as e-cigarettes and they deliver a nicotine fix in vapour form without any of those nasty carcinogens. (Well, hopefully – research is a bit scant at the moment.)

I know what you’re thinking. Why hasn’t somebody combined an e-cigarette with a cellphone? Sadly, you must put away your drawing board because the Vaporcade Jupiter is very nearly on the market.

Says Phones Review:

The Vaporcade Jupiter smartphone will come in two different models, one with 3G and one with 4G LTE. Unfortunately aside from what appears to be a 5.3-inch display, that’s it as there are no other details on their site. In a nutshell, it’s a smartphone with a vaporizer built-in or attached to the top and it appears you can hook a lead to it hookah style or draw straight from a stem. It may or may not have a band around the outside with a lighting effect as well.

Apple’s been known to borrow a few features from competitor devices but I don’t think they’ll be jealously examining this particular phone in the near future.

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