Use iPad/iPhone game controllers on PCs

30 November 2015, 05:00

Windows almost has support for iPad/iPhone MFI (Made for iOS) game controllers in that it’ll recognise them but not to the extent of allowing their use in games (long story short: they’re recognised as HID but not as USB gaming controllers).

MFI Gamepad Feeder (open source and free of charge) fixes all that, and as its name suggests needs to be used as a “feeder” with the equally useful vJoy app on Windows.

Full installation and usage instructions are provided. If nothing else, MFI Gamepad Feeder means you only need to buy and use one controller across all your computing devices.

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From: iPhone App Developers

Krify Dot Co · Dec 28, 11:20 PM · #

2.0 of the app doesn’t require vJoy

Michał Mizera · Dec 22, 03:09 AM · #