3 free GIF-making apps – get 'em now!

15 March 2016, 07:36

GIFs are like the currency of the Internet. There’s a lot of them around and people like it if you share them. We’ve found three very useful apps that let you create GIFs in various different ways and formats. All are free – and one normally costs $9.99 but can be had for $0 for a short while.

GifGrabber is FREE software that lets you capture animated gifs from any video source on your screen. Super easy to use. Anything on the screen can be turned into an animated GIF.

PicGIF Lite
Convert photos and videos into incredible GIFs quickly. PicGIF enables you to quickly create incredible animated GIFs from photos or short videos. It’s easy to customize GIF Size, Sequence, Frame Delay, etc. After a satisfying GIF is done, you can share the GIF with your friends via E-Mail, iMessage, Tumblr or simply save it in Finder on your computer.

Usually $9.99, free for a limited time. Jeff makes GIFs, allowing you to visually share your ideas in three easy steps. Simply select, record and share your screen with colleagues, clients or followers. 1. Capture your desktop or grab a section of your screen by dragging and expanding Jeff to any size. 2. Record what your doing on your screen. Jeff will automatically upload a GIF to your Dropbox.
 3. Share your Jeff. Paste the link in Trello, Slack, Twitter, Basecamp, iMessage or email. Wherever you can share a link, you can share a Jeff.

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