The most offensive Apple TV ad ever?

18 November 2015, 06:46

Hats off to the person at Georgian (the country, not the US state) Apple reseller iPhone+ who figured the best way to advertise was to make a mock terrorist video, in authentic Arabic, with several Genius-a-like representatives wearing the familiar blue t-shirts and holding AK47s. The “group” in the video calls itself iPlusis, punning (badly) on ISIS.

Amazingly, iPhone+ staff made the video to celebrate the fact they’re becoming authorized Apple resellers in January 2016. In its report, Georgia Today newspaper translates what the “spokesman” on the video says:

The goal of our meeting is to announce that iPhone+ will become an official representative of Apple in January. Accordingly iPhone+ threatens other market players with harsh competition and calls them out for not defending the rights of customers.

Georgia is around 10% Muslim so the advert has caused significant offence. Georgian mufti Beglar, Kamashidze in particular has been critical, telling news-Georgia: “In my opinion, these ads will cause greater resentment among radical groups, which in the future will bring even more problems to the state and the country. You cannot use religion as advertising.”

iPhone+ is one of Georgia’s largest Apple resellers and was formed in 2009.


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