The magical DoBox is live – the one Kickstarter you need to see

25 March 2016, 07:43

We wrote about DoBox a week or so ago, showing how it allows a mouse to be used with an iPad (or indeed any iOS device). Since then we’ve learned more details about the product, and also learned that it’s gone live on Kickstarter at the early bird price of $149 – although you’ll need to hurry, because spots are being eaten up quickly. After only 16 hours they’ve already raised 25% of their funding goal.

The DoBox describes itself as a wireless dock for Apple devices and aims to scratch just about every itch you might have when out and about. For example, it contains a Li-Ion battery so you can charge your devices, and internal storage so you can share files with other people (or just on your own various devices). It contains a Wi-Fi base station that lets you share an existing Wi-Fi connection securely, allowing the safe transfer to files between devices, and an Ethernet port for wired network connections. Add in AirPlay, USB connectivity for such things as memory sticks, and HDMI output, and you can see why DoBox is so innovative.

Once the funding threshold has passed $500K the DoBox creators intend to apply for Apple MFI certification that’ll let them add-in an Apple Watch charger too. Just lay your Watch on top of the DoBox and it’ll charge automatically – perfect for an hour or two’s boost while you’re working in a cafe.

The unusual and useful feature we find interesting is the ability of the DoBox to bring mouse or trackpad control to the iPad. We’ve spoken directly to Mate Molnar, CEO and creative genius behind the project, and he’s confirmed that this is implemented via an API that any developer can use to allow mouse control within their apps natively. No tricks, no gimmicks.

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