The Mac's geekiest app just got even better

16 November 2015, 05:00

There’s a major update available for Mactracker, the app that provides an illustrated encyclopaedic database of pretty much every mainstream product that Apple’s ever made – Macs, iPads, iPhones, printers, scanners, and even mice.

Amongst other things new to this version (7.5) is information about Apple’s latest products, and also the ability to estimate the current resale price of some items – a superb addition. Want to know how much your 3rd-gen Apple TV will fetch now the new model’s on the market? Now you know! (It’s around $55 – bah!)

Warning: Mactracker is incredibly addictive. I can spend hours just browsing through its information lists, wiping away a nostalgic tear.

There’s a version of Mactracker for iOS, too, but that hasn’t been updated with the same info or features just yet.

[Via Tidbits]

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