The first iPad Pro destruction test is in and... it's tough

18 November 2015, 06:18

As always happens when Apple releases a new gadget, an enterprising YouTube channel – in this case EverythingApplePro – bought an iPad Pro and then destroyed it. All in the name of usability testing, of course. See the video below.

It can be painful watching these videos but the TL;DW (too long, didn’t watch) is that drops onto a concrete floor from three feet in height caused no damage. This is the height an average person might hold the Pro when using it while standing up. EverythingApplePro dropped the iPad Pro onto its back, its glass front, and one of the corner edges.

A fall from six foot high onto the iPad Pro’s back caused the screen to permanently glitch so it was no longer responsive and colours became screwy. At this point EverythingApplePro moved straight to its bend test. They did manage to bend the device by hand power only, and shatter its screen, but it took a lot of force. The chances of anybody accidentally damaging the device in this way are negligible.

So there you go. EverythingApplePro is down $799 and people who like to watch these kind of things will have a giggle. The rest of us will just wince. Best of all, though, is that it looks like bendgate #2 isn’t a thing after all.

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