Superb image editor Afterlight is currently free

2 December 2015, 09:02

The superb image editing app Afterlight is currently free for iOS users. Ordinarily it retails at $0.99/£0.79. However, Apple’s offering it in a rather odd way via a voucher redemption system.

Here’s how to get the app.

  1. On your iPhone or iPad open the APPLE STORE app, or install it if via the App Store you haven’t already got it installed.
  2. Tap the Stores icon at the bottom, if using the iPhone, or tap the Stores link at the top right of the screen if using an iPad.
  3. On the iPhone, swipe on the “Featured” section – headed with the CODE event – so that you reveal the free offer. On the iPad this should be immediately visible without the need to scroll.
  4. Tap the link, and then tap Download Now For Free. This will take you to the App Store with a voucher code automatically inserted. Just tap the Redeem link.

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