Summon Apple Watch glances via Siri

10 February 2016, 08:30

Here’s a tip that’ll make your Apple Watch that little bit more useful.

You can summon any Glance using Siri – even if that Glance isn’t activated in the Apple Watch settings app. All you need do is wake the watch in the usual way and say something like:

“Hey Siri, show me the battery Glance”


“Hey Siri, show me the BBC News Glance”

The Glance will then appear below and, in the case of the BBC News Glance, you can keep abreast of world affairs without pressing a single button.

To remind you, here are some built-in glances you might attempt to summon – and remember that you DON’T have to have these glances activated in settings for Siri to be able to summon them:

  • Settings
  • Heartbeat
  • Battery
  • Weather
  • Activity
  • Calendar
  • World Clock
  • Stocks
  • Now Playing
  • Maps

Some third-party apps have their own glances, of course. A couple of my favorites are BBC News and Dark Sky.

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Best Apple Watch Tip Ever!
thank you!

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