Stride & Prejudice: Jane Austen for iPhone gamers

15 February 2016, 01:13

My wife’s not just a fan of Jane Austen. She’s written a successful novel, Pride & Regicide, in which she takes one of the Bennet sisters – Mary Bennet – on a murder mystery journey. It’s rare for her world and my world of writing about computers to collide but they do with the extraordinary iOS game Stride & Prejudice.

It’s an infinite runner where you play Elizabeth Bennet navigating her way across platforms constructed from the entire text of Pride & Prejudice. You have to jump from platform to platform, with a long tap causing bigger jumps. Lizzie starts running faster the more of the book you get through, making for quite a challenge.

However, by tapping the settings button on the start screen you can turn off this acceleration, and can also control the scroll speed, thereby turning the game into a somewhat bizarre interactive reading experience.

Stride & Prejudice is lots of fun and we’ve saved the best until last: It’s currently free, dropped from $1.99 for a few days. Grab it now while you can.

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