Site news: Record visitor figures and a number of firsts

7 March 2016, 00:43

Mac Kung Fu yesterday broke its daily record for the highest number of visitors, so thank you to all those who came to read our posts. Our monthly visitor figures are likely to break 100,000 for the first time. At the time of writing, four of the top five trending stories at MacHash are from Mac Kung Fu.

We did this by being the first outlet to report on the Transmission BitTorrent malware, by several hours, and then by being the first (and so far only) source to explain the steps needed to clean-up the malware.

This is far from the first time we’ve been first to a story. We were the first to post details of the Error 53 bug, for example, which became the biggest tech story of the year so far. It took our rivals several hours (and in some cases days) to catch up.

And there are several other examples. We achieve this by good old-fashioned reporting skills: keeping our ear close to the ground, and fishing where the fishes are. In contrast, it seems most of our competitors spend their time reading other blogs and rewriting what they find. The editor and lead writer at Mac Kung Fu, Keir Thomas, has two decades experience as a journalist.

Of course, it’s not just about news stories. You can rely on Mac Kung Fu for the fun stories, and also genuinely useful tutorials such as yesterday’s series of lesser-known Maps app tricks.

However, because we’re getting good at breaking vital stories we’re expanding the function of our free weekly email service. From now on we’ll also send out newsflashes via the email list if there’s a breaking story you need to know about right now – such as the Transmission BitTorrrent malware yesterday. Sign-up by following the link below and/or follow us on your favourite social media by clicking one of the icons below.

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