Search Apple TV apps via the Web

16 March 2016, 08:19

Ever wanted to search the Apple TV’s app store from the comfort of your phone, tablet or computer, without needing to sit in front of your TV?

TwivelStats provides the answer. Its database lists 2,341 apps at the present time and more will be added as time goes on. It’s a side project of Twivel, which is an up-coming platform for building and managing Apple TV apps without writing coding knowledge.

The site sneakily pulls the data from various top downloads charts and for this reason isn’t entirely conclusive. A new app that’s not yet charted might not be included, for example, although the developer says around 10 fresh and uncharted apps are added to the database daily. Additionally, right now the app’s data is US in origin, although the developer intends to add-in more regional data as time goes on.

At the moment there’s not much you can do once you find an interesting app. Apple hasn’t yet configured a way to click a web link in order to install an app on your Apple TV, and all you can do is remember the app name and then search for it on the Apple TV itself. The site lets you view the app’s historic performance in the charts, however, and the developer has said he intends to introduce further ways to manipulate and visually represent such data as time goes on.

TwivelStats has all the signs of an interesting and useful project. Check it out!

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Thanks for the write up! You might be interested in the new advanced search page we launched today

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