Scam alert: The world's best Apple Watch rip-off

2 March 2016, 04:33

UPDATE: This is apparently already on the market and for substantially less than via the IndieGoGo campaign. See the end of this piece for details, below.

The DM09 Watch has just hit crowd-funding site IndieGoGo and has so many features it makes the real Apple Watch look like a pocket calculator. Take a look at the campaign – although quickly because it probably won’t be there for much longer.

In fact, we’re not even sure this isn’t a parody because the English throughout the description is so entertainingly hokey:

  • “All kinds of functions, color optional”
  • “Dial by twist crown”
  • “2.5D arc HD screen” (what?!)
  • “Reading voice king”
  • “Strange, why it’s a children’s sound?”
  • “Two-way anti-lost”
  • “It is only life waterproof”
  • “It supports All Nucleus or IOS 7”
  • “Enlarge narrow”
  • “You only need to swirl the case to open it for inserting the SIM card”
  • “Ha, I have dinner together at night”

… and perhaps our favorite: “food-grade silicone watch band”. Amongst the many extraordinary functions of this watch, you can also use it in place of a knife and fork to eat lunch. It’s surely a sign of Apple’s falling standards that they missed that trick.

The DM09 (also referred to as LF07 in the ad) might look like the Apple Watch but, aha!, it’s a radically different beast internally. Unscrew the back panel and you can fit a SIM card. That’s right. This is an actual mobile phone. It has built-in sleep monitoring, and a pedometer, and a camera (0.3 megapixel), and even voice disguising abilities. However, you’ll need to charge during daylight hours for that sleep monitoring because the battery only lasts one day.

The strap can’t be changed or removed, so that’s one thing the Apple Watch has going for it, at least.

If you’re interested watch the video below and then hand over the required $149 (although you can pay the special offer price of $299 to get two!). Somebody’s already handed over money, and it’s definitely not one of the people running the campaign. And nor is the watch just a Chinese-made knock-off running Android.

UPDATE: The DM09 is already on-sale (and for $76.99!), so this is clearly some kind of scam. The DM09 follows the DM08 model of a year or two ago, which got some very positive reviews.

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That is strange how would a knockoff Apple Watch charge with a MagSafe charger?

— Kateland · Oct 28, 07:24 PM · #