Rip CDs using iTunes for non-iPod players

19 March 2013, 10:00

Want to rip tunes from a CD but NOT import them into iTunes? It turns out iTunes can do the job…

Insert a CD and when the dialog box appears asking if you want to import the music, hold down the Option key (Alt on some keyboards) before clicking the Yes button.

You’ll then be able to choose the destination for the files. If the MP3 player is attached you can select it to save the files right onto the device. After the tunes have been ripped, switch to the music list in iTunes and delete the tracks (use the search function to find them), but select not to delete the original files if asked.

Don’t forget that if you’re ripping songs for non-Apple players you’ll need to set iTunes to rip in MP3 format. This can be done by clicking Preferences on the iTunes menu, ensuring the General tab is selected, and clicking the Import Settings button.

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