Returning an iPhone you find to its owner

11 October 2015, 06:47

Returning an iPhone (or iPad) you find to its owner might sound difficult, but there are a few tricks you can try — assuming the device is locked and you can’t gain access to it to simply view and call one of the individual’s Favourites in the Phone book:

  • Activate Siri (press and hold the Home button) and say, “Who owns you?” or, “Who do you belong to?” You should then see the individual’s contact card, with useful details.

  • Activate Siri and say “Call Home”, or, “Call Dad”, or, “Call Mom” (“mum” in the UK, of course), or “Call wife” etc. Then speak to whoever answers and explain the situation.

  • Activate Siri and say, “Call last missed number.” This assumes this earlier caller will be somebody the individual knows, of course.

  • Swipe to view the passcode entry screen, then tap the Emergency button. Look to the bottom left to see if there’s a Medical ID option. Tap that and see if an emergency contact is listed.

  • On the Medial ID screen look for the individual’s date of birth, and try various combinations of that if the passcode is numerical. Then look at the person’s list of Favourites in the unlocked Phone app.
  • Of course, instead of calling the people mentioned above you can try asking Siri to message the person instead.

    If your phone is jailbroken, and you want to prepare for it getting lost as outlined above, you can install the iffound app. This adds an “If found” button to the bottom left of the lock screen, and you can show your alternative contact details. There’s a similar app for non-jailbroken devices that lets you quickly and easily create a lock screen wallpaper with contact details on it.

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