Quickly create ringtones from tunes using Garageband on iPhone

28 March 2016, 04:03

It’s still the case that Apple doesn’t like people creating their own ringtones for the iPhone, and they make it far from the one-tap procedure it could be.

In the past we’ve written here at Mac Kung Fu about how to use iTunes on a PC or Mac to create ringtones, but you can also do so in less than a minute using Garageband on the iPhone itself.

Here’s how.

  1. Open Garageband, and opt to create a new song by tapping the plus icon at the top left.
  2. Choose Audio Recorder from the rotating cascade of instruments.
  3. Within the Audio Recorder screen, tap the track listing button, which is third from the left at the top.
  4. Tap the metronome icon (to the right of the play/record controls) so it’s no longer blue, then tap the loop button (second from the right at the top).
  5. In the loop listings screen, tap the Music tab, then tap any of the headings to sort your songs so you can select one. I prefer to select the Songs heading, so I can see all the tracks at once.
  6. Tap and hold the track you want. You’ll be returned to the track listing screen. Without lifting your finger, drag the track so it’s at the top left of the track listing.
  7. Tap the triangle button at the top left, then tap My Songs. This will also save the song.
  8. Tap Select at the top right, then tap your new song, and tap the Share button top left.
  9. Tap the ringtone icon in the share sheet that appears. This is the icon of a bell. Then tap Export.
  10. On the success dialog box, tap to Use Sound As, and then select Standard Ringtone.

Here’s a quick GIF showing these steps. This trick can be done in literally seconds once you get used to how it’s done.

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