Posting to Facebook from the Apple Watch

29 September 2015, 02:58

Why hasn’t Facebook (yet) released an Apple Watch app? Until that point I’m using the free-of-charge DoublePost, which lets you use Siri to dictate messages you can then post to Facebook and/or Twitter. You’ll need to sign-in to FB and Twitter on the iPhone DoublePost app before using the Watch app, although this is pretty simple to do.

Why doesn’t Facebook support the Apple Watch yet? I have two theories.

  1. It’s still working on finding a satisfactory way to cram a Facebook posting into a Watch-like interface, although I would’ve thought that Facebook postings are quite frankly built for a Watch interface – snippets of text, sometimes pictures; surely that’s almost custom-designed for the Watch?
  2. Facebook is working on its own range of wearable devices.


Know better?