Play music from Dropbox, Google Drive etc (free for a limited time)

30 March 2016, 05:00

Apple has a near-monopoly on music playback and they’re pretty keen to keep it that way. This includes not letting iPhone users play music directly from other cloud providers, such as Dropbox or Google Drive.

One solution is to use Evermusic Pro, which is currently free of charge and usually costs $2.99. Alas, this is a separate music player entirely disconnected from Apple’s official Music app but, if you have a lot of MP3s in your cloud storage, it’s the perfect solution and a hugely capable app, to boot.

It can stream directly from cloud storage if you’ve an Internet connection, or you can opt to create local copies of the tracks for playback offline. The app can also tune-into your Mac or PC using Windows File Sharing (aka SMB). The clever Wi-Fi Drive function means the iPhone turns-up under Network view on both PC and Mac, allowing you to copy files directly to the iPhone for playback in the app.

In addition to this you get the usual tools such as the ability to create playlists, shuffle songs, and cover art support.

As always, Evermusic Pro is free for a limited time and we’ve no idea how long it will stay that way, so download sooner rather than later!

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FYI Plex does all of this, and much, much more. It’s totally worth it for Free, or 29/year to have tons of extra functionality, including a cloud storage streaming feature.

— William · Mar 30, 01:22 PM · #