One-click install all your favorite apps on OS X

3 December 2015, 06:00

When setting up a new OS installation or PC, Windows users have the luxury of an app called Ninite. This lets people install many of the “usual suspect” apps at the same time and with just one click – the kind of apps that are vital for a standard Windows setup, such as Google Chrome, or FoxIt PDF Reader.

Mac users have something similar in the Get Mac Apps website. This works slightly differently in that you select the apps you want within the web page, and then a link to a simple script is generated that you must paste into a Terminal window (which you’ll find in the Utilities folder of the Applications list). However, once that’s done then the download and installation of the apps is fast, automatic and fuss-free. Once the script has finished you’ll find the apps waiting for you in the Applications list of Finder.

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Why bother? OS X is a complete that is fully usable right out of the box. It has a secure web browser, can display PDFs natively (remember that the OS X display is actually Display PostScript, the P in PDF stands for Postscript so they are actually the same language). There are the iWork and iLife apps so you have everything from word processing, spreadsheet, presentation to video editing, its all included at no cost and its all high quality and makes the system fully functional.

The second, possibly more important problem I see is that downloading random files from the internet is a great way to invite malware and identity theft.None of this is necessary in OS X because we have the Mac App Store built-in. This allows us to simply click on desired apps and they automatically download and instal for us (after Apple has verified that they are legit and not infected with malware).

This means that we have all the convenience and none of the risk of “Get Mac Apps’, which refers that app useless to us nice its trying to solve a problem that does not exist,

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