OMG! Ravensburger jigsaw puzzle app! Free for a limited time!

24 March 2016, 05:30

Some people get way too excited about jigsaw puzzles. If you’re one of them then head over the App Store and download the Ravensburger Puzzle app. Usually this costs $2.99 but today it’s free. As always, we here at Mac Kung Fu have no idea how long this will last, so grab it sooner rather than later.

What you’ll be getting is a jigsaw puzzle app created by arguably the king of the real-life jigsaw scene. Each puzzle can be divided into as many as 500 pieces (or as few as 20) and, perhaps surprisingly, completing the puzzle is very manageable on the screen of an iPad or iPhone.

You get six puzzles free out of the box, and there’s are several free puzzles available in the shop, with new free ones released periodically. Ravensburger also give you 350 free coins when you start using the app, and new puzzles cost 99 in-store coins, so you can grab three more of your choice straight off. In other words, there’s plenty to chew over before you even have to consider one of those irritating in-app purchases.

For children, or the old, or just for good-old puzzle fans, this really is a must-have download.

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