Notes: The Notes app clone for Windows, Linux and even Mac

14 April 2016, 04:57

Notes is a clone of the official Mac and iOS Notes app, except that there are also versions that run on Microsoft Windows and Linux.

The app looks and broadly behaves just like the Mac version of the app, which is to say it’s incredibly simple to use – you just start typing to create a note, and the note takes its title from the first line of the note. Notes are listed in a column at the left. Anything you type is autosaved.

Alas, this is a clone of the Notes app based on earlier versions of OS X, so there’s no rich text support, or support for photographs, as in OS X El Capitan. Crucially, the app isn’t cloud-enabled, so notes are only stored locally on your computer’s hard disk. From glancing at the developer’s notes, it looks like cloud functionality isn’t a planned feature either, and nor are there any plans for iOS/Android/Windows Phone versions.

As seen in this clone, Notes is a pretty great app for quickly jotting down basic notes, or even longer documents. And if you really love the official Notes app look and feel, and want it on Windows or Linux, then there’s no other choice. However, there are obviously better powered cross-platform apps to create notes – everything from SimpleNote, which keeps things equally basic, to Evernote, which packs in features.

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