Merge all Finder windows into one for a less-cluttered desktop

30 March 2016, 03:36

Ever been working on your Mac and had multiple Finder windows open, cluttering-up the desktop and causing major confusion? The additoin of tabs within Finder is supposed to avoid this but much of OS X is still built around the concept (and practice) of opening multiple windows.

It turns out there’s a neat little trick you can perform. Just switch to Finder, then click Window > Merge All Windows. At that point, via a very nice animation, all Finder windows will merge into one, with each window now occupying a tab of its own. Neat!

And while we’re on the subject of Finder, did you notice how at the bottom of the Window menu you saw a list of all your open Finder windows? Well, those with a diamond alongside are minimized. Those with a tick alongside are topmost on the desktop. Those with no symbol are open on the desktop, but another app’s window has focus.

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