Many many iOS developer tools – for $8

6 November 2015, 03:46

I don’t know about you but I’m always tempted to get into developing iOS apps. It’s not actually that hard, I hear from some of my buddies, and the rewards can be insane.

If you’re like me then you could do a lot worse than get the Incredible iOS 9 Developer Bundle, which contains eight pro-grade developer tools that normally retail for $2,044 – but that you can buy for $8. In fact, you can even pay just a dollar to sample a few apps from the bundle if $8 sounds just too much.

Be quick, though, because the price is volatile and changes depending on how many orders they receive.

As if the bundle isn’t tempting enough, 10% of the profits from your purchase go the Project HOPE charity, which delivers essential medicines and supplies, health expertise and medical training to respond to disasters around the globe.

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To whom it may concern:

I would like to purchase this pack in order to learn and make iOS apps! It’s always been a dream of mine. Thanks!


— Joshua · Nov 6, 05:11 AM · #