Mac Kung Fu LinksList: Tuesday 27 October 2015

27 October 2015, 10:00

Good morning/afternoon/evening (henceforth referred to as MAE). Here are some interesting links for Apple fans, spotted out and about today:

Everyone should have a notes app: a quick, simple, searchable notepad whose pages can hold anything you throw at them. And it should sync between your computers, phones, and tablets, of course, so that your life of snippets is always with you. For years, I’ve used Evernote for this purpose. But here’s the thing: Over time, Evernote has grown bulky, complex, and buggy.

Why I Ditched Evernote for Apple Notes — and How You Can Too [Tip/Opinion]

Apple is slowing beginning to support carrier billing for items purchased from iTunes, the iOS App Store and more. O2/Telefónica in Germany has confirmed it has begun adding carrier billing for those purchases from Apple’s services in addition to the traditional credit or debit card.

Apple begins iTunes carrier billing support in Germany with O2 [News]

Although the dev kits currently lack an App Store to download software, plenty of developers are announcing their titles for the new Apple TV, ahead of schedule. We’ll be bringing you full coverage of the Apple TV later in the week but here’s a taste of the software already announced for the Apple TV’s debut

First Apple TV apps and games unveiled as developers prepare for tvOS App Store launch [News]

Chances are, if you’ve heard of Snapchat but aren’t already using it, you’re a bit curious to learn more. Well, that’s exactly what we aim to show you. Although it’s different than the built-in Messages app, and can seem confusing at first, we think you’ll find Snapchat is simple to understand once you get going. So, consider this a jumping off point. This is how you set up and start using Snapchat.

How to set up and start using Snapchat [Tip]

Thanks to Facebook, soon you will have less of an excuse for missing your friend’s birthday. On Monday, Facebook announced that it was going to update and redesign the notifications tab on its mobile apps to make it way more useful. Mobile notifications will now surface personalized information such as your friends’ birthdays and other important life events, as well as information about upcoming events you’ve joined.

Facebook rolls out new personalized mobile notifications tab [News]

InFocus today debuted the Kangaroo, a $99 Windows 10 portable PC that “goes anywhere and works with any screen.” The term “mobile desktop” may seem like an oxymoron, but that really is the best description: Picture your typical desktop PC tower shrunk down to the size of a phablet sans screen; just like any desktop, you’ll still need to connect a mouse, keyboard, and monitor. Kangaroo is available on Newegg now, and will go on sale at the Microsoft Store by mid-November.

Kangaroo is an amazing $99 Windows 10 portable PC [Review]

If this Spotlight freezes and beachball experience is happening to you, it’s quite likely because you have an external hard drive connected to the Mac, perhaps for extended storage or a Time Machine backup. The good news is that you can quickly stop the Spotlight beach ball from happening, and while it makes sense to do this with Time Machine drives, the decision is a bit more complicated with personal file storage as we’ll see in a moment.

Stop Spotlight Stalling & Beachballs When Searched in Mac OS X with External Drives [Tip]

Apple on Monday improved its in-house Maps offering by activating Nearby search functionality in Australia, Canada, France and Germany, while at the same time adding Flyover locations across Europe, Asia and North America.

Apple activates ‘Nearby’ Maps search results in 4 countries, expands Flyover support [News]

Apple’s Siri voice assistant in iOS will refuse to answer questions about music charts for people who aren’t Apple Music subscribers, users noted on Monday.

Siri limits music chart questions to Apple Music subscribers [News]

Users who opt to update their iPhone overnight have discovered that doing so will turn off any alarms they may have set, potentially causing issues waking up the next morning.

Bug in Apple’s overnight iOS updates turns off iPhone alarms [Tip]

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