Mac Kung Fu LinksList: Monday 26 October 2015

26 October 2015, 10:00

Good morning/afternoon on what is a brilliantly sunny yet Autumnal Monday morning in my part of the world. Here are some interesting Apple-related stories and links spotted today and over the weekend just gone:

QuickPeek is a menubar app that quickly allows you to toggle AppleShowAllFiles TRUE or FALSE by clicking the icon. It automatically restarts the for your for changes to take effect.

QuickPeek 1.0 [App]

While Apple routinely picks great wallpapers for iOS and OS X, so does Google with Android, and the wallpapers bundled with the Android Marshmallow release look really great on Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Windows too.

Get Android Marshmallow Wallpapers for iPhone, iPad, Mac, & PC [Tip]

Apple has released iCloud for Windows 5 with support for iCloud Photo Library and two-factor authentication for Apple ID accounts. Windows users were previously limited to accessing iCloud Photo Library through the web interface.

iCloud for Windows 5 Adds iCloud Photo Library and Two-Factor Authentication [App]

In an effort to reduce wait times at Genius Bars within Apple Stores, Apple this week will begin piloting a new repair program for the iPhone 6, 6s, 6 Plus and 6s Plus in select stores across the United States, Europe, and Japan, according to several employees. Rather than completing all repairs in store, the new program will allow Apple Store Genius Bars to determine that these phones should be shipped to an off-site repair center

Apple Stores will send some iPhone 6/6s phones for off-site repairs, offering 16GB loaners [News]

You could use Time Machine, Carbon Copy Cloner, SuperDuper! or any number of other GUI programs that run in Mac OS (and then to restore your whole disk you may need to reinstall your boot loader), but there is another alternative in Clonezilla that works very well.

Use Clonezilla to back up your startup disk [Guide]

In a nutshell, SIP will prevent the modification of areas of OS X that Apple deems they own. This is to pre-emptively protect against malware embedding itself in trusted areas of the system.

El Cap, SIP and Manipulating Apple Applications [Nice concise guide to SIP in El Capitan]

Here’s a use for your iPhone 6s’ 3D Touch feature you may not have thought of before: acting as a set of mini kitchen scales.

New app lets you weigh your plums on an iPhone 6s [App, and also Headline Of The Year Award]

Soon after receiving my Apple Watch, I set out to find the best ways to protect it. I started by ordering half a dozen different Apple Watch screen protectors from

Three Ways to Protect your Apple Watch (and One Way Not To) [Tip/Review]

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