A lifetime's VPN or region unblocking for just $39

2 November 2015, 07:37

Services like Netflix and Hulu rely on region blocking to ensure that only people in certain countries can access their shows and movies, and have wildly different content depending on where you live.

To get around this you’ll need to use either a region unblocker or a VPN service.

For a VERY limited time – as in less than 24 hours – $39 will get you a LIFETIME subscription to one of two services:

  • Getflix, which is a DNS-based region unblocker, although also includes a free, optional VPN component
  • proXPN Premium, which lets you create an encrypted private network tunnel to make it appear as if you’re using the Internet in a different country.

Typically services like this charge $5-15 per month so this really is an astonishing bargain. Sign-up now, pay nothing ever again.

The differences between the two offerings are subtle. Both have Mac clients to make configuration a breeze, and support iOS devices too (although manual configuration might be required).

You can learn more about Getflix here, and more about proXPN Premium here.

To my mind proXPN Premium nudges ahead because of its unlimited bandwidth, privacy and friendliness towards BitTorrent apps. On the other hand, I suspect Getflix is easier to configure and use.

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