Less obvious things to expect from today's Apple event

21 March 2016, 05:25

The Apple Store is already down, and my colleagues at other blogs have been heartily chewing-over the shoo-ins for today’s Apple launch event.

But what about the less obvious stuff we might expect – the stuff that might be announced relatively quickly while Tim et al are on the way to discussing something bigger?

Note: We covered every possible way to tune in live to the event a few days ago.

Mac Pro spec bump
The Mac Pro hasn’t been updated for such a long time that it’s almost comical – currently a stunning 823 days! In that time CPU power in particular has improved significantly – and CPU power is kind of why you buy a Mac Pro. My colleague Karen Haslam over at Macworld UK provides a terrific rundown of the possibilities.

Goodbye Infinite Loop
Is this the last event be held at Infinite Loop before Apple moves most of its HQ to the spaceship and holds future events at its stunning new auditorium? The title of the event, “Let Us Loop You In”, might be a hint. If so then we could be seeing a clip montage of the iconic establishment that’s seen all of the Jobsian revival (upon his return Jobs consolidated on Infinite Loop as part of his drive to reign in projects and spending). Expect yet more tears from Tim. And what are they going to do with Steve’s old abandoned office?

Dre’s new TV show
Apple’s making a TV series and with shooting/editing taking place right now, might we see some rushes edited into a few exploratory scenes?

International iPad Pro Smart Keyboard
Surely it’s time for Apple to introduce non-US models of the Smart Keyboard, especially if it’s going to see a wider audience thanks to the new iPad?

Watch straps
Oh. Yeah. More Watch straps. Expect the usual 20 minute movie with enhanced 3D rendering swirling around nice-looking pieces of plastic, leather and metal. Again, “Loop You In” hints at this, if it hints at anything. Because the Apple Watch is all about the straps, isn’t it?! We might see some nice new Watch faces with Watch OS 2.2 though (and don’t forget that all the updates for iOS, OS X and Watch OS are due to hit today).

New “better” iTunes
There’s been hints that iTunes is due for an overhaul and we might see that today, although not perhaps in the way users would like – or at least not in the short-term, until complete new point releases of iOS and OS X appear on the horizon.

Got your own suggestion of what to expect, or things you wish would be mentioned? Share it in the comments!

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