Keyboard shortcut to pin a tab in Safari

6 October 2015, 03:53

With Safari in OS X El Capitan there’s a Pin Tab entry on the Window menu but no keyboard shortcut. To create a pinned tab you’re forced to use the mouse to drag an existing tab to the left of the Safari window, or right-click the tab and select the option.

However, this lack of keyboard shortcut is easily fixed using OS X’s built-in tools, as follows.

  1. Open System Preferences and click the Keyboard icon.

  2. Click the Shortcuts tab, and in the list at the left at the left click the App Shortcuts entry.

  3. Click the Plus button, located in the middle bottom of the window.

  4. In the dialog box that slides into view, select Safari from the Application dropdown list.

  5. In the Menu Title field below, type Pin Tab.

  6. Click in the Keyboard Shortcut field beneath this, and press whatever shortcut you want. Ctrl+Cmd+P is a good choice, but beware that Cmd+P is usually assigned to File > Print.

  7. Click Add, then close System Preferences.
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