Is iCloud down? Are Apple's servers working?

7 November 2015, 05:00

Ever tried to use iCloud or some other Apple service on your Mac, such as iMessage, and found it wasn’t working? And then wondered whether you’re the only one who’s having trouble?

Here’s a site to bookmark – Apple’s System Status page lists all of Apple’s online services, and whether they’re experiencing issues. There’s also a timeline so you can see if there’s been any trouble in recent hours.

There are status pages for most countries, and it pays to bookmark the one for your locality:

PROTIP: On an iPad or iPhone you can also simply visit in the browser and click the System Status page at the bottom.

Discovering the page for your country is simple. The standard web address for the status page is as follows, and all you need do is substitute XX with your ISO country code.

So, Spain’s status page is as follows:

Of course, Apple doesn’t necessarily operate in every country and you may need to try the code of the largest country near you.

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