iPad Pro "dying" while charging – possible fix?

15 November 2015, 09:12

Some users on the Apple Support forums have reported that the issue with iPad Pros “dying” upon being charged can be averted by switching the device to Airplane Mode before attaching the Lightning Cable. Obviously, users need to remember to turn off Airplane Mode again later.

Airplane Mode can be activated in the Control Center by dragging up from the bottom of the screen, and tapping the airplane icon so it illuminates.

Because this fix seems to work, users have speculated that the backup to iCloud that happens automatically when power is connected and the unit is within range of Wi-Fi might be the culprit. However, it appears nobody has yet tried simply turning off iCloud backup within the iCloud section of the Settings app.

Keep tuned for more details as soon as they become apparent, and comment below if you know of any other fixes for this problem, or have encountered it yourself.

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I had same problem and solved it by doing a erase all content & settings- then set up as new iPad instead of using iCloud back-up. Going on three days and no problems so far.

— Larry Spellman · Nov 15, 11:47 AM · #