iPad Pro in the UK starts at eye-watering £679 ($1,021)

9 November 2015, 07:08

My colleagues over at MacWorld UK have discovered how much the iPad Pro will cost British Apple fans from this Wednesday onwards and, well, it’s painful:

  • iPad Pro Wi-Fi (32GB): £679 (converts to $1,021)
  • iPad Pro Wi-Fi (128GB): £799 (converts to $1,202)
  • iPad Pro Wi-Fi + cellular (128GB): £899 (converts to $1,353)

In other words, there’s up to a $270 premium just for buying an iPad Pro in the UK. For Brits the iPad Pro costs more than twice that of the base model iPad Mini 4 (£319, or $480).

Why are the prices so insane? It’s because of the UK’s system of consumer taxes, called VAT. Essentially, 20% extra is charged on nearly every consumer purchase. This goes straight to the government.

Add in a poor dollar/sterling exchange rate and, well, the Brits are crying into their (warm) beer this Xmas.

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