iPad Pro: Bendgate, part deux (yes, really)

17 November 2015, 01:44

It’s happening again! Somebody’s has a bent iPad Pro – or claims to have, at least. This follows the original Bendgate scandal, wherein the iPhone 6 Plus was found to be surprisingly malleable.

MacRumors forum user iMacca, who claims to be “a female software developer who’s not heavy and not very strong”, posted a photo of her bent iPad Pro yesterday. She’s no idea how the iPad Pro got bent, with theories ranging from the fact somebody sat on it, to the battery being faulty and expanding. She intends to return it to the Apple Store in her native New Zealand.

Of course, quite a few people are suggesting it’s a hoax. Make your own mind up.

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My son also has a bent I pad pro purchased and first used on Christmas Day 2. Weeks later is is bent I have returned it to the store I purchased it from and they are not interested saying we bent it
Next I will try Appel

— Martin · Jan 21, 11:44 AM · #

I purchased my IPad Pro January 2017. Its now bent.. I purchased at WalMart. Will try to take back

— Bev Wenzinger · Sep 9, 11:06 AM · #