Proof iOS 9.2 is faster than 9.1 – especially on older devices

7 November 2015, 03:30

Here’s great news for those who’ve been suffering from the general slowness of iOS 9 on older devices. YouTuber iAppleBytes has done tests using somewhat ancient iPhone 4S devices — see video below — and found that iOS 9.2 delivers those performance improvements that Apple’s been promising for some time now.

Put simply, everything is snappier and animated transitions are smoother.

You can sign-up to the beta and get iOS 9.2 right now if you wish, but the signs are that it’ll be released in about two weeks to accompany the new iPad Pro that’s going on sale around that time. My advice is to sit on your hands and wait, rather than mess around with a potentially buggy beta release.

As somebody who finds his iPhone 6 Plus stutters and lags quite a lot, I’m looking forward to the new release.

How about you?

[Via AppleApple.Top]

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