iCloud beta site now offers quick access to Apple Pay

21 March 2016, 09:24

Apple has overhauled the login page for the beta page of iCloud.com. The beta site is open to all and is intended for those who want to test cutting-edge features before they’re introduced to the mainstream.

Apple now appears to use the San Francisco font on the page and shows images of your devices when you are prompted to enter your two-step authorization code.

Once you’ve logged in – but before you’ve entered the two-step passcode – you’re now also offered a shortcut to the Find iPhone service, and to the Apple Pay configuration page where you can remove any cards or payment methods from your devices. An Apple Watch shortcut also allows you to mark the Watch as missing. This removes the Apple Pay cards and will also activate Activation Lock, if it isn’t already activated, so that nobody else will be able to set it up as a new device without your password.

Here at Mac Kung Fu we’ve been critical of Apple providing access to Find iPhone with just the user’s password, and without two-step authentication taking place. For example, it’s possible to lock a user’s Mac via Find iPhone at the iCloud.com website, allowing ransom hijackers to extort money from users by simply phishing for or guessing their Apple ID password.

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