How to quickly duplicate a browser tab in Safari

2 December 2015, 02:09

Here’s a keyboard combo to remember: Hold down Cmd and tap L, then tap Enter, still holding down Cmd. This will duplicate the current browser tab alongside the old one.


UPDATE: I tried this using an external keyboard on an iPad and I’m afraid it doesn’t work. Well, that’s not quite true: the first half of the combo seems to work, but hitting Cmd+Enter merely returns you to the same tab rather than opening a new one.

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Just figured out that the critical part is to keep holding the Command key while pressing the L, as well as the Enter keys. If you release the Command key when pressing the Enter key, it just refreshes the page in the same tab. Thanks for a great tip!!

— vas · Nov 15, 07:35 AM · #

This does not duplicate the tab; it opens a new tab with the same page displayed. You can’t go back or anything.

— Sam · Dec 17, 04:06 PM · #