How cheap can an iPhone get? How about $59.99?

12 April 2016, 12:19

Recently a family member set me a challenge: What’s the lowest price I could find for a genuine Apple iPhone? I rather surprised myself with the answer.

How about an iPhone 4 8GB that you can have along with a few pennies change out of $60? It’s locked to Verizon, though. If you can push the budget a bit higher, you can get an iPhone 4S 8GB that’s unlocked for $89.99.

Okay, so these are refurb models and the iPhone 4 or 4S are hardly cutting edge. But if you need an iPhone in a hurry – perhaps if your current iPhone is lost or stolen – they’re surely worth a look. You might even buy one as a reserve, just in case. They’re sold by KLAMP Electronics, who have a variety of other iPhone models available at equally enticing prices.

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